Legal Pitfalls of AI And ML Systems

Fritz-Ulli Pieper

Devices make autonomous decisions among themselves, detached from any human influence. The associated legal questions are manifold. When machines interact, they can make legally relevant declarations or cause damaging actions.

In this context, it is often argued that a “chain of imputation” to a natural or legal person is pertinent. But if one looks into the not too distant future and considers advanced degrees of autonomy and an increasing ability to learn, this dogma could be shaken.

The talk will show which legal pitfalls can arise from the programming and use of AI and ML systems and how current technical findings influence the answers to future legal questions.

Objective of the talk

Legal implications will become increasingly important in the creation of autonomous, self-learning systems in the future.The talk is successful when technicians have a basic understanding of the relevant questions and technicians and lawyers understand each other better in the field of AI and ML.

Required audience experience

The talk combines technical and legal knowledge in the use of AI and ML and therefore explains the basics and peculiarities of both areas so that it is suitable for a broad audience.

Track 1
Location: Mountbatten Date: September 30, 2019 Time: 2:55 pm - 3:40 pm Fritz-Ulli Pieper Fritz-Ulli Pieper, Taylor Wessing Jean-David Behlow Jean-David Behlow, Taylor Wessing