Intellectual Property Challenges When Using Machine Learning

John Buyers

Machine learning solutions challenge conventional concepts of intellectual property – in particular those around computer software and algorithmic processes.

How can you differentiate in intellectual property terms between a machine that has “learned” something and one that has not? Where do you stand in IP terms with your curated datasets? And what about machine learning generated intellectual property?

This session will show you how to navigate these pitfalls, how best to safeguard ROI and how to protect innovative solutions developed using machine learning technology from an effective legal perspective.

Objective of the talk

To provide developer audiences with insight into a much debated topic and arm them with the right information so they understand the practical legal implications of using machine learning solutions.

Required audience experience

Basic familiarity with machine learning helpful, but not required.

Track 2
Location: Gielgud Date: September 30, 2019 Time: 4:10 pm - 4:55 pm John Buyers John Buyers, Osborne Clarke