About MCubed London [M³]

agenda imgMachine learning, analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing the world and your organisation, whether you’re awash in data, or are trying to glean insights from a sparse set of information points.

Rapid advances in both software and the underlying hardware are pushing the technology into fields ranging from finance, manufacturing and customer service to healthcare, research and of course, smart buildings and autonomous transport.

In this heavily hyped sector, MCubed will take you beyond the utopian visions and back to reality, giving insight into how to put these advances to work.

We will build on the success of our first three events to show how rapid progress in frameworks, libraries, and applications as well as the underlying on-prem or distributed hardware are allowing traditional enterprises and organisations, whether large or small, to access the same tools and techniques as elite academic researchers and Silicon Valley’s webscale players. More importantly, we will show you how to integrate them into your organisation, and address the questions that matter to you.

Together with our speakers and your fellow attendees, we will help you make your applications, and organisation, smarter, whether you’re a application developer, software architect, or data scientist looking to expand your skills, or planning a strategic change in your organisation’s direction.

Online conference sessions  will get you familiar with basic and advanced concepts, help you determine which aspects of your products and systems would benefit from machine learning techniques, and guide you on on how to incorporate and implement them and scale them for production scenarios. Meanwhile experts in the field will get a chance to dive deep, exchange experiences, get inspired by different approaches and use the conference as a platform to make new contacts to advance their projects.

How we do it:

  • Conference sessions with proven experts
  • Extensive Q&As
  • Time and tech to connect with speakers and fellow attendees